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You're in a rut! Your life seems to be "on hold." No matter how hard you try things always seem to work out the same in the end. You're not going anywhere. You need a change and you need it desperately.

This presentation, which is suitable as a keynote speach if required, is aimed at those who have a deep-seated desire to change the way their life is unfolding.

Unless you have an understanding of how your body works in conjunction with, and in response to your mind, life changes are virtually impossible to achieve on a personal level. That's why diets don't work in the long run. That's why New Years resolutions never seem to last past the end of January.

Samantha knows that there IS an answer!

She deals with these aspects in detail, and follows up by an outlining of that first step towards the new, enriched life you really want.

A book, of the same title, accompanies this presentation.

This is a very powerful, life changing presentation.

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Samantha's Creating Your World Presentation