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The Mind—Body Connection

What most people don't realize is that there are two parts to the mind, and that the part that is running your life is the one you have the least control over. To make matters worse, almost all of what is in this part of the mind was recorded, and embedded there before you were six years old! That was before you were able to think for yourself. It contains your automatic reactions to situations, your basic beliefs, your rules for living.

It processes the environment around you at the rate of about forty million pieces of information a second and can handle thousands of events at any one time. It never rests. It knows no limits and it never evaluates. Whatever gets into this part of your mind is take as truth, as your reality, regardless.

This is the part of the mind which controls your body. The body is it's servant, and it vibrates according to the dictates of this part of your mind. It is these vibrations which go out to the universe, and to which the universe is responding.

The other part of the mind is the part which you use to think and to reason. It is the part that decides what you want, where to go, what to do. It processes the environment around you at the rate of about forty pieces of information a second and can handle up to three events at any one time.

Recent scientific research has shown that the reasoning part of the mind is active less than five percent of your waking time! Really! The rest of the time you are flying on "autopilot" and the part of your mind which contains your rules for living is in the driver's seat!

What this means is that, by and large, other people, those who influenced you before the age of six, are basically running your life!

That's right.

Other people are running your life!

And you thought you were in control.

That's why your life is the way it is. That's why you are getting the results you are getting.

But that can be changed!

Through the use of tools like PSYCH-K® you can overwrite harmful programming, buried deep in the part of the mind which is running your life, which is holding you back from the life you really want, and replace it with life affirming beliefs which will speed you on your way to an abundant life.

As has been said in other parts of this web site, change is possible!

Whichever area of your life you feel needs changing, change is possible. No matter who you are, no matter what your past circumstances, no matter how you feel about yourself, if you feel the need for something better in life, or a better life overall, you can make those changes!

Contacting Samantha could be the start of your new life! Do it now!


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